Design and Implementation of an Advanced Text Editor

by Craig Bruce ( )


So, here we finally have the basic ACE version of the ZED text editor that I have been promising for a very long time. The new version doesn't contain all of the features of the standalone version, but I am working on it. The new version does, however, include a few features that the old version does not, like long lines, horizontal scrolling, text "sloshing", the ability to use additional memory types for storage, the ability to work on the C64, integration with a command-line environment, and full assembler-code availability (Real Soon Now(TM)).

In order to make ZED operational as a word processor, some means of giving embedded commands and for formatting and printing these commands must be provided. I was originally thinking that an EasyScript or SpeedScript kind of embedded-command structure, and then I was thinking abouta LaTeX kind of structure (the LaTeX structure is superior), but I am now thinking that an HTML type of format-command structure might be rather apropos. Why then I would need to create a print formatter and previewer that might be usable for other purposes, too.

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