Australian Doctor Who WWW Sites

This is a list of all the Australian Doctor Who WWW sites I have been able to find. If you know of any others, please contact me and let me know the URL.

* Kate Orman's Doctor Who Page
Kate Orman is the author of several Doctor Who New Adventures, and former President of the Doctor Who Club of Australia.

* The Doctor Who Club of Australia
The official WWW site of the DWCA.

* Doctor Who Club of Victoria
A very good Doctor Who fan club, with a terrific range of merchandise. Their club magazine is the Double-Gamma award winning Sonic Screwdriver (but please don't ask me why they've put the Sonic Screwdriver pages on GeoCities).

* Broadsword
Once part of the now sadly defunct Doctor Who pages of fellow Canberran, Steve Leahy, Broadsword is a very impressive on-line 'zine, concentrating on the New and Missing Adventures.

* The Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club
Strangely enough, a Doctor Who fan club in Brisbane! Their club magazine is Mistfall, which, if I remember correctly, is another Double-Gamma winner.

* Perth Doctor Who Fan Club (The West Lodge)
I know very little about The West Lodge, but they have been around for years now, and have a good reputation. Although this page is no longer the official West Lodge page, the official page appears to have gone AWOL.

* The Gallifrey Foundation Inc.
A Melbourne-based Doctor Who fan club.

* The Sydney Doctor Who Science Fiction Club
Surprisingly enough, a Sydney-based Doctor Who fan club.

* Newcastle Metropolitan Doctor Who Local Group
Includes Tardis Log, an Australian fanzine with splatterings of information on other science fiction shows. It looks quite good, and is updated regularly.

* Daniel Ryan's Web Page of Rassilon
A good looking page, with some interesting links and apparently much more to come.

* Fluffy Central
Although this page only contains some Doctor Who related links, it is the home of WhoInfo, a Doctor Who database program for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

* George Stamatiadis' Doctor Who Pages
Mainly reviews of Doctor Who episodes that have screened recently on Australian (pay) TV.

* A History of the Daleks
A attempt to construct a consistant history of the Daleks, in a similar vein to David Banks' Doctor Who - Cybermen.

* Ratbat's Doctor Who Stuff
Despite the fact that this Web site is in the U.S., Ratbat is actually a student at this esteemed institution. (Hopefully (s)he will soon mirror these pages on a server on campus...)

* Andrew Marriott's Raytraced Daleks
A very impressive ray-traced picture, but be careful if you try and download the TIF version, because it's over 600K, even though it's compressed.

* Damien Oliver's Doctor Who Pages
At the moment only a few small pictures of the Doctors (excluding Paul McGann). Hopefully more to come.

* Vines of the Cloisters
Another page with just pictures of the Doctors, although this one does include a picture of Paul McGann.

* Wil's TARDIS
Step into the TARDIS and you could end up anywhere in the Web...

* Wood Elf's Doctor Who Page
Yet another Australian who for some reason has their page on a U.S. server.

* Ibn Qirtaiba - Issue 2
Ibn Qirtaiba is the magazine of the SF Special Interest Group of Australian Mensa. Issue 2 contained a couple of articles on Doctor Who.


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