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Welcome to my home page here at the Client Services Division of the University of Canberra. There is a little information about me available here, if you're interested.


Doctor Who

There is a great deal of information about Doctor Who available on the Internet. I would like to concentrate on Doctor Who in Australia. If you are looking for more general Doctor Who information, check out Siobhan Morgan's excellent Doctor Who home page, the main Doctor Who FTP site, now at (replacing the old FTP site at, or the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho. Available here is a brief history of Doctor Who in Australia , and a list of Australian Doctor Who Web sites. The Doctor Who Club of Victoria has an excelent list of Australian Doctor Who fan clubs.

With the recent release of The Ice Warriors set (which is excellent, go and buy a copy), I was a little disapointed to discover that the CD containing the sound track on the missing Episodes 2 and 3 did not come with a proper cover, but only has a flimsy plastic sleeve protecting it. It was easy enough to get a proper hard plastic "jewel" case for the CD, but it didn't look very good without a cover. I therefore decided to make one using a scan of the cover of the booklet that came with the set, and a publicity photo. I was so pleased with the result that I've decided to make it available here for personal use only (i.e. you're not to make any money by selling it). Please note that there is no attempt being made to superscede BBC Worldwide's copyright, I simply wish to enhance the (already excellent) set.

Ice Warriors CD cover - front Ice Warriors CD cover - back
I realise that the files are very large, but they are scanned at 300DPI. If you have a major problem downloading something that big, e-mail me, and I'll send you a copy at a lower resolution.

Finally, you may like to visit my Doctor Who Picture of the Month page, including links to previous months pictures. As an interesting aside, my Picture of the Month page received its 1000th hit (since I started counting) on November 23rd, 1995, the 32nd anniversary of the first transmission of Doctor Who.


Commodore Computers

I'm interested in good old 8-bit Commodore computers (especially the Commodore 128). These computers are probably the best programmed computers in the world. Commodore programmers have made (and are making) these humble machines do things the Commodore designers never even dreamed of.

I have archived all the available issues of Commodore Hacking here. This excellent on-line magazine has been running since 1992, and is an invaluable source of information on the more advanced aspects of Commodore programming. Issues up to and including Issue 9 were originally downloaded from Marko Mäkelä's Commodore WWW site in Finland. I downloaded Issue 10 as plain text from the newsgroup comp.sys.cbm and translated to HTML myself. Issue 11 and onwards are from Jim Brain's excellent Commodore WWW site (currently undergoing rennovation). I have archived them here because the link between Australia and Finland is slow and seemingly unreliable, and the link to the United States is overloaded. If you're from Australia or New Zealand you will probably find it easier to download them from here. If you're from Europe or the U.K. Marko's site is probably your best bet. If you're from the United States Jim Brain's site is the best place for you to download them from.


Free Speech On-line Blue Ribbon Campaign

You may like to check out some information on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to protect free speech on the Internet, in particular their Blue Ribbon Campaign for On-line Free Speech. If you live in Australia and think this sort of thing doesn't effect you, think again. According to a report on the 15th of May, 1996 on Triple J radio legislation that was proposed for the New South Wales parliament would have made anything rated MA15 or above (such as Duke Nukem and Doom II) illegal on the Internet! Fortunately an sudden, uncharacteristic attack of sanity overcame the Attorneys-General from around the country (particularly the A.C.T. Attorney-General), and the New South Wales Government was convinced to defer introduction of it's frightening legislation to regulate service providers on the Net. For a little more information on this draconian proposal, and details on a campaign against it, check out the Electronic Frontiers Australia home page.


Last modified: January 7, 1999